Help & FAQ's

Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions!

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1) When can I expect my product?

We print on demand, once your order is purchased we turn around the product within 5 working days.  Our promise is to ship to you within 7 days and you to receive your product within 10 days.  

2) How do I know if my order has been received?

You will receive by text and email dependant on your details given at the purchase point, we keep you updated along the whole process.  

3) How do I contact Impactandolasnaciones ®?

We can be contacted by email or on any of our social media channels.  We aim to get back to people within 24hrs.

4) How do I know what size product to choose once I have found what I want?

Each of our products will have a size chart in the description so that you can identify what size would suit you.  If in doubt then please ask and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

5) Why are your products a lot cheaper than the competitors?

Our vision is to get as many people as we can wearing the Impactandolasnaciones ® products so that the message of Jesus can be shared across the world.  We are not in this to make huge profits, rather cover the overall operational costs.  

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